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Transformational Leadership Coach & Business Strategist.

About Korrie L Silver

As a seasoned Business Strategist and Opportunity Maker, I am dedicated to empowering leaders like you to excel. My approach to transformational coaching is grounded in driving business initiatives, fostering innovation, and amplifying your impact. I specialize in creating environments where you can harness your full potential while remaining true to your authentic self.

My leadership style emphasizes transparency, collaboration, and accessibility, ensuring that leadership opportunities are not only attainable but also impactful. As an Opportunity Maker, I thrive in connecting ideas and people, leveraging my extensive network and insights to open doors that lead to strategic growth and significant outcomes.

With a robust background across multiple industries and exceptional analytical skills, I am adept at integrating your personal values with professional aspirations. I am here to empower you to align people, projects, and profitability with your unique vision of success.

Are you ready to step into your power and expand your influence? Let’s connect. Together, we will ensure that your leadership journey is as impactful and authentic as you are, empowering you to lead with confidence and vision across all facets of your life.


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Partnership Opportunities

Partner Endorsements

~ Sherilyn Charles-Smith Founder & CEO C3 Effect Consulting

"Our journey has been truly extraordinary, igniting a transformation that resonates through our community, businesses, and the lives of individuals. As we collaborated, both our organizations surged forward, creating new avenues for success. The impact of our partnership extends far and wide, magnifying our collective influence and extending our reach in our community. By combining our expertise and resources, we confronted complex challenges, witnessing firsthand the incredible transformation of the clients we had the privilege to serve."

~ Lamar Falconer Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder | AltoLeap

"I have had the pleasure of working with Korrie on several projects and I have been consistently impressed by her expertise, professionalism, and dedication to delivering exceptional results. Her deep understanding of the business landscape, coupled with their insightful guidance, has proven to be instrumental in helping our AltoLeap achieve its goals. Korrie has a remarkable talent for identifying opportunities, devising effective strategies, and implementing actionable plans. Korrie is a true partner in success."

~ JoMarie Burke Founder Four Streams

"Korrie is s profoundly gifted in entrepreneurship, finance, business development, and kingdom connections. Working with this powerhouse has been an absolute pleasure! She is exceptional at what she does, and I would definitely recommend her to colleagues, friends, and family."

~ Bev Lewis Founder of Positive Solutions Divorce Services

"As an Entrepreneur, I sometimes struggle with innovative ideas and strategies for my business. When I get in a rut, or I am feeling overwhelmed, I always book a session with Korrie who brings a fresh perspective to the table. Because of her business and financial experience, she knows what questions to ask in order to provide me with clarity and new opportunities I can explore. Korrie also has an extensive network of professionals and is passionate about connecting me with the people and resources that will enhance my business. I highly recommend Korrie to anyone in need of a highly skilled and results-oriented consultant."

~ Melba Belo Certified Financial Planner

I have known Korrie for over 18 years as both a business partner and a friend. Korrie has vast and extensive business knowledge, experience, and insight; and, she truly understands people. Korrie is a faithful encourager, motivator and influencer and I believe that she will continue to transform many more lives with her dedication and passion for excellence.

~ Giuliano Savini Regional Investment Sales Manager

"I've known Korrie Silver for over 15 years, both professionally and personally! She is sincere and direct, unassuming and genuine, always willing to help and quick to lend advice. Professionally, Korrie is one of the brightest minds in the financial industry, with a keen eye towards helping her clients discover value and grow their businesses. She is a non-stop dynamo, with constant ideas that she brings to the market and sees to fruition, a strong advocate for her community and faith, and a business partner to treasure in times of hardship and success"

~ Faith Marie Baczko Founder & President of Headstone Ministries Inc.

"Korrie Silver is truly a woman of worth. She is a brilliant strategist with extensive business acumen built on a foundation of her great love and honoring of God and Biblical principles"

~ Nicole Jansen Founder, Leaders of Transformation

"Korrie Silver has been empowering people for decades. Through ministry, consultations, and coaching she consistently demonstrates her gifts of intercession, administration, leadership, strategy, creativity, maximization, and collaboration. She is a dear friend, and it is an honor to recommend her and her work."

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